PDF of INSEP Launch Programme

Irish Network for the Study of Esotericism and Paganism


University College Cork, March 31st 2017

CACSSS Seminar Room – O’Rahilly Building G.27

Supported by the Department of Study of Religions, UCC


The European Society for the Study of Western Esotericism Sponsorship Programme for Independent Scholarly Initiatives




9.00-10.00: Registration:  CACSSS Seminar Room G.27, O’Rahilly Building



Jenny Butler (Study of Religions, University College Cork): The Irish Contemporary Pagan Community: Cultural Resources and Identity

Vivianne Crowley (Nottingham Trent University, UK): Ancient Egypt in an Irish Castle: The Fellowship of Isis


11.30-12.00pm: Coffee


Patrick Everitt (Independent Scholar): The importance of Ireland to Robert Anton Wilson and Terence McKenna

Christian Giudice (Department of Literature, History of Ideas and Religion, Gothenburg University): From Black Magic to the Blue Shirts: Maud Gonne, the Golden Dawn and Irish Nationalism


1.00-2.00pm: Lunch


Dmitry Galtsin (Independent Scholar): Claiming Europe: Celticity in Russian Pagan and Nativist Movement

Nadine Eckmann (Study of Religions Department, University College Cork): The Construction of the Concept of ‘Celtic Spirituality’ in Modern-Day Ireland


3.00-3.30pm: Coffee



John Boyle (Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies at the University of Essex): Esoteric Traces in Contemporary Psychoanalysis

Áine Warren (Religious Studies, University of Edinburgh): The Morrigan as a ‘Dark Goddess’: The operation of a metanarrative through self-narration of women on social media

Anne Crossey (Artist and Independent Scholar): The Great Work: Magic in a Contemporary Practice